About the project TELEDAN

Name of the program and project:

Hungary - Slovakia Cross-border Co-operation Program 2007-2013, HUSK/1101/2.1.1 Water and waste management, renewable energy – Development of water, waste and renewable energy systems, enhancing environmental awareness – 

„Slovakian – Hungarian hydrographic information system on the river Danube and its tributaries”

Leader partner of the project: SVP (Slovakian Hydrographic Company, Bratislava)
Project partner: ÉDUVÍZIG (Győr)

General purpose of the project: 

General purpose of the project is expanding, making more efficient and higher technical quality of the hydrological telemetry systems in the border region of river Danube, furthermore, ensuring quick access to he hydrological data for the public and professional users (forecasters, defense coordinators, navigation organizations, etc.) through the internet.

Specific purposes of the project:

  • transform the presently non telemetred hydrographical stations telemetred on the Danube and its tributaries,
  • installing web-cameras along the river for monitoring the ice drift and supporting navigation,
  • providing access to the hydrographic data and pictures of the web-cameras for the public and professional users through the internet,
  • archiving the collected data,
  • ensuring display of the data in the dispatcher centers, section engineerings as well as in the centers of the project participants,
  • ensuring automatic data transfer between the partner organizations.

Tasks of the Hungarian party (ÉDUVÍZIG) int he project:

  • transform the presently not telemetred hydrographical stations, needed for flood protection as well as providing basic navigating information telemetred (Duna, Dunaremete; Duna, Esztergom; Mosoni-Duna, Győr-Bácsa),
  • acquisition, development and installation and database management softwares suitable for receiving and transferring the telemetred data to the Slovakian party,
  • creating an automatic ford computing software module,
  • creating the 3 language (Hungarian, Slovakian, English) webpage displaying the data collected by the Hungarian and Slovakian party,
  • acquisition and installation of the hardware and software elements for the defense centers of the Hungarian side (Dunakiliti; Ásványráró; Győr).

Cost of the project (2012-2014):

The planned total cost of the project (Hungarian + Slovakian party together) is: 655,750 EUR
from this the part of ÉDUVÍZIG is: 226,270 EUR

Mode of financing:

Domestic co-financing


EU financing


Total requested funding:


Deductible rate


Time-span of realization: 1st of October, 2012 – 30th of September, 2014