Hydrometric quality management system of ÉDUVÍZIG

The Northern Danube Water Management Directorate in 2001, started construction in preparation for ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and hydrological activity standard certification. The work of each screening activities (so-called. Processes) and the organization began, and has been developed on the basis of its experience in the documentation system. After the test run and trainings certification took place on April 1, 2003 .

The primary purpose of the quality management system: production of authentic hydrographic data collection and archiving of data and service. This goal is reflected also in the system "slogan":

A reliable hydrographic data is the base of modern water management.

The system of "product-production" (in this case, the data production) and to the so-called. supporting processes (training, procurement, management and maintenance of measuring devices, etc..) is controlled to comply with all applicable laws and instructions, as well as the relevant sector-specific technical specifications.
Reliable and credible data obtained in controlled conditions of particular importance in characterizing the effects of a priority interventions such. the inter-island water supply.
In addition to improving the quality of the quality management system is an effective work management tool, and as such, considerable assistance to the hydrographic network is extensive (1150 pcs station) in operation.

1. Documentation of the quality management system development

Operation of the quality control is based on a properly constructed and developed documentation system. The document regulates the execution of each process, identify those responsible, fix the control points and the rules of the documentation.
The ISO 9001: 2008 requirements of the documentation system is made up of the following components:

• Quality Control Manual:
the organization and presentation of the activity, quality policy and quality objectives, processes and relations of documents and a brief description.
• Quality Management procedures and work instructions detailed regulation, responsible, documentation and monitoring of data production and support activities.
• External Documents
Collection of external documents those control activities: rules and instructions, driving instructions, industry technical standards.
• Memo Samples
activities for each document, fixed format document templates.

The documentation system was fully operational built during the Board (and the sector) as the official email system Lotus Notes. This offers the following advantages:

The production of a significant number of hydrographic data and diversified portfolio made instrument. In these gauges the vízmércék, tape vízszintregisztráló digital instruments, thermometers, rain gauges, etc.. Since these tools kalibráltságáról and must constantly take care of maintenance, it's important to be authentic records. The records in an Access-based tool for measuring equipment and station management database. The main features of the database include:

• an arbitrary number (currently a total of approx. 2,400) gauge records approx. 30 parameters
• collate option is grouped according to arbitrary criteria
• Scheduling and documentation of calibration
• Follow-up repairs
• calibration and repair costs associated with accurate tracking
• Warranty (new purchase and repair) period records
• the user-needed flexibility to upgrade.

2. Processes

The data production and support activities divided into the following processes:

Work processes:

• Implementation of the hydrographic observations and measurements
• Operation and maintenance of the hydrological telemetry system
• The Board of Directors internal hydrographic data and daily sales reporting
• Hydrographic data processing
• Water level, water flow and runoff time series correlations production
• The process of archiving and data service
• Handling Measuring Tools
• Maintenance of Gauges

Support processes:

• Handling of Documents
• Management of Records
• Education
• Procurement
• The contracting process
• Analysis of data
• Manage non-conformances
• Internal audit
• The customer satisfaction measurement
• Management review

3. Design, follow-up, problem handling  

Operation in addition to the documentation in accordance with the well-established quality management system further prerequisite for all process planned and controlled manner. The planned will ensure that, for example, the detection and data collection programs (perceptual district plans, district plans, picking-registered curves, flow rate measurement programs), as well as the maintenance and calibration plans. The audit was intended, inter alia, the district plans on-site inspection or graphical monitoring and processing of the resulting data. Check in several times performed internal audits and management audits in each year of the system. At this time, making the installation and development proposals. The inspections are an important input data for the results of the data analysis. These analyzes cover all the operational characteristics of the system, and summaries and statistics help show the changes in the quality and efficiency. Generated by the system is working to document errors, fix it, and they will take care of the prevention of recurrence.

4. to meet the customer needs

The ISO 9001: 2008 standard is one of the guiding principles of customer focus, that is as complete as possible to meet customer needs within the legal framework.
For this purpose we make an agreement or contract with our customers (ie, those requiring the data set), which records the characteristics of the information requested, deadlines, data formats, as well as the payment and other conditions.
These agreements content depends on the nature of the data (one-off or regular data, basic data or processed data, etc.). Our library stores these data and provides to the customers as per their request. Any allowance formulated investigate complaints by customers, if warranted, the identified errors and improving care for the prevention of recurrence.
Our customers satisfaction is conducted annually with a survey which verifies our results.

5. Other support activities

Highlighted the other activities in support of the acquisition and education.
The production of hydrographic data in terms of defining products and services based on the past only to be compliant deliverables from suppliers and sub-contractors were obtained. Subcontractor ratings are repeated every year. New applicants has to pre-qualify themselves. Employees' level of knowledge and the expansion of education carried out in a planned manner with care.
Of particular importance is the education of these people is a top priority and fast-growing areas such as geographic information system (GIS), or the use of software design systems (CAD).