Acquisition and distribution of the hydrological data from the territory of the Slovak republic has been performed by the specialized institution established by Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic, namely Slovak Hydro Meteorological Institute (SHMÚ), Slovak Water Management Enterprise, state enterprise (SVP, š.p.) and Water Management Construction, state enterprise. (VV, š.p.)

Slovak Hydro Meteorological Institute (SHMÚ) is specialized organisation which executes the hydrological and meteorological service on the national and international level. SHMÚ has monitored quantitative and qualitative parameters of the condition of the atmosphere (climate) and water on the territory of the Slovak Republic, collecting, verifying, evaluating, archiving and interpreting data and information about the status (condition) and regime of the climate (atmosphere) and water, describing actions in the atmosphere and hydrosphere, creating and publishing meteorological and hydrological forecasts, warnings and information. Basic means for the data acquisition about the quantitative and qualitative parameters of the climate and water are the observing objects of the state hydrological and meteorological network.

Slovak Water Management Enterprise, state enterprise ensures maintenance of the water courses and of built tangible fixed assets on the water courses, taking care about the quantity and quality of the surface and ground water. Part of the activities of the Slovak water Management Enterprise, s.e. has the character of the performance in public interest – mainly flood protection and creation and maintenance of the navigation conditions. Slovak Water Management Enterprise, s.e. has the entire state operation with 4 branches, established on the basis of the natural basins within the country. Slovak water Management Enterprise, s.e. is doing the maintenance of the water courses, water reservoirs, flood protection constructions, canal network and also is doing the operational activities of the Hydropower Structure Gabcikovo, also collecting, processing, evaluating and archiving the hydrological data tracked mainly on the drainage canals, reservoirs and water construction in its maintenance (for example pumping stations, small water structure, weirs, etc.)

Water Managing Construction, state enterprise is the state investment organisation and administrator of the Hydropower Structure Zilina, Hydropower Structure Gabcikovo and Small Hydropower Structure Dobrohost, whereby is also the administrator of the monitoring devices situated on these hydropower structures named before. Its specialized departments ensure the technical-safety surveillance on all water constructions of the 1st and 2nd category (for example Hydropower structure Gabcikovo, Danube protection dykes, etc.) according to the special legal enactment.